Environmentally friendly film packaging

We are a specialist in environmentally friendly packaging and can support you as a climate-neutral company by offering CO2-neutral versions of all our products for relatively little additional cost. The section below details four ways in which you can use film packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible and can even act as an effective means of advertising if desired.

1. Recompound

If packaging do not need to be food-safe and has a film thickness of > 50 µ, it can be created using films made from high-quality recycled materials. These films differ greatly from lower quality regenerates. This recompound material comprises recycled PE left over from the film extrusion process, which is not only visually similar or identical to new material but also has comparable properties to it. The German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) recommends this solution as it offers the best eco-balance.

We does not charge extra for this material. Depending on the market situation, you may even benefit from a price saving.

A logo can be printed on the film on request to enable you to show customers your commitment to the environment.

2. Climate neutral

With this option you keep using your ‘normal’ PE film based on fossil raw materials. To offset the environmental impact, we make payments to a climate protection project of your choice. We offer you several such projects to choose from and you will receive an original certificate from your chosen project. We are a carbon-neutral company and can supply you with all products in climate-neutral versions on request.

From a certain order quantity, a logo can be printed on the film to show customers your commitment to the environment. Alternatively, we can also supply stickers.

This option will increase your packaging costs by a maximum of 2%. A small amount, but with big positives for the environment.

3. Biobased LDPE

If you need biobased LDPE, we use ‘OK biobased’ with a four-star rating. This is made using sugar cane and has a certified minimum biobased content of 80% (100% is not yet technically possible). It uses a waste product that is generated anyway when harvesting sugar cane. No additional arable land is required. The film is indistinguishable from fossil-based LDPE and can be recycled with this in the normal cycle.

This film can naturally also be printed with a logo.

Depending on the market situation, this option incurs additional costs of approx. 50%.

4. Compostable

More often requested by customers, but in our opinion the least expedient option, is the use of compostable filmmade from corn or potato starch. The mere fact that such film is only compostable in industrial composting plants and will most likely never arrive at such places when disposed of casts doubt on how much sense this material actually makes. Information about the problems associated with these plastics can be found on the German Environment Agency’s website at: www.umweltbundesamt.de/themen/tueten-aus-bioplastik-sind-keine-alternative.

Despite the above, we can naturally still offer you this version and – as is particularly expedient here – print on it accordingly.

Depending on the market situation, this option incurs additional costs of approx. 350%.

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