• Entwicklung, seit über 50 Jahren Spezialist für Verpackungen


    Specialists in PE-film packaging for 50 years



  • Großes Rohstofflager

    Extensive warehouse of PE-film

    thereby fast times of delivery



  • klimaneutral, grüner Wald mit Bäumen

    Klimaneutrales Unternehmen

    mit klimaneutralen Produkten



Specialists in PE-film packaging
for 50 years

Climate-neutral company since 2020, Very good order situation

Poly-Pack is a climate-neutral company, offering CO2-neutral versions of all our products for relatively little additional cost
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Investment in the latest generation of side seam machines for producing side-seam bags / strong expansion of the product range (system supplier for packagings), i.e. special film products, stretch film, cardboard packaging and tapes.

construction of a new larger production and storage complex with administrative offices / investment in a new additional machine (2.10 m wide) / relocation within Iserlohn to the industrial zone Zollhaus in Iserlohn-Kalthof (scheduled for March 2016)

continued strong company growth and production at the absolute limit of our capacity / acquisition of a much larger building in the industrial zone Iserlohn-Zollhaus

acquisition of an additional modern machine / implementation of new CRM software

Poly-Pack taken over by long-standing representative Achim Schmitt / acquisition of an additional modern machine / implementation of document management software ELO Professional compliant with data access and auditability requirements for digital documentation, plus modernisation of the IT equipment
implementation of new ERP software TimeLine / switch to 2-shift operations in production and the warehouse / implementation of batch tracking for food-safe films / commissioning of a photovoltaic plant, etc.

millions invested in two new machines 1,600 mm in width

certification of our integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

additional new machines added for PE-film manufacturing / company growth / replacement investments for older machines

launch of own film processing operations; implementation of the first machine for film packaging production

large increase in warehouse space through extension at Akeleiweg location

relocation within Iserlohn to a new larger warehouse with adjacent administrative building at Akeleiweg

Poly-Pack company founded by Klaus Kürten
–> specialising in PE-film packaging right from the start

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