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    About us

    We focus on the people. We are a training company, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and adhere to the ethical standards of DIN ISO 26000.



  • Mitarbeiter mit Leidenschaft und Kompetenz

    About us

    With passion and competence



  • Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement-System Maschinen

    About us

    Our quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.



With passion and competence

Poly-Pack ist a medium-sized owner-operated Manufacturer of plastic packaging and Packaging Systems Supplier. We will be happy to advise you to help you find the perfect packaging solutions to suit your individual requirements. Our employees provide support here with their passion and expertise. When you work with us you will find that we are a highly flexible company and that our business relationship will be a truly pleasant one.We have the most extensive standard range of polyethylene (PE) goods in North Rhine Westphalia. We have many sizes in stock, so we can often deliver much faster than others. With our flexible machinery we can produce film packaging from narrow bags to 4 m wide hoods and sacks in the sizes and film thicknesses you require. Our integrated quality and environmental management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. We comply with the ethical standards of DIN ISO 26000. We have been a reliable packaging partner to our customers from industry, services and commerce for more than 50 years. This is why our long-standing regular customers also include many prestigious medium-sized companies and international corporations from various industries, including the food, chemical/pharmaceutical, machinery construction, electronic and automobile industries. Energy groups, leading packaging distributors as well as authorities, city governments, hospitals and various faculties in universities and technical colleges also regularly buy our products.

Environmentally friendly packaging

„To offset the environmental impact, we make payments to a climate protection project of your choice. We offer you several such projects to choose from and you will receive an original certificate from your chosen project. We are a carbon-neutral company and can supply you with all products in climate-neutral versions on request."


I enjoy working at
Poly-Pack ...

Jana Schmitt
Managing directors, Auth. sign.

Why I enjoy working at Poly-Pack...

  • because of the family atmosphere at work
  • because every employee is valued
  • because everyone is considered important and not just one of many
Markus Lennhoff Prokurist

Markus Lennhoff
Authorized signatory

  • because I can identify 100 percent with the company and its guiding principle
  • because I can fully contribute my ideas and expertise here
  • because I really like my colleagues

Nicole Schiedewitz

  • because here I am seen as a person and not just a number
  • because here I can work independently in a great team
  • because I can use my skills here and come into contact with many different characters of people in the customer area.
Tanja Gutsche Buchhaltung / Einkauf

Tanja Gutsche
Sales / Accounting

  • because here I am trusted to work independently
  • because I not only work in my trained profession (payroll and financial accounting), but also in other areas (such as purchasing)
  • because there is a friendly, family-like working atmosphere here
Markus Lennhoff Prokurist Tanja Gutsche Buchhaltung / Einkauf

Can we help you?

You can reach us on weekdays between 07:30 and 17:00.

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