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    Manufacturer of plastic packaging | Packaging Systems Supplier


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    Environmentally friendly packaging, fast times of delivery, personal assistance


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    Most extensive standard storage range of PE goods in North Rhine Westphalia

    Extensive warehouse of PE-film, thereby fast times of delivery




    High percentage of recompound greater than 90%, climate-neutral company, all products climate-neutral with a lower surcharge climate-neutral 



  • Flexibler Moderner Maschinenpark


    From small bags to extra-wide hoods: Production in South Westphalia, Germany



Your benefits

  • Specialist in environmentally friendly packaging, climate neutral company
  • Most extensive standard storage range of PE goods in North Rhine Westphalia, thereby fast times of delivery
  • Extensive product range made of special film (corrosion protection, biofilm products, protection against electrostatic charges and discharges …)


Do you need a consultation? Then please do not hesitate to give our sales team a call on +49 2371 9398-0. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you already know exactly what you need? Then simply send your product enquiry to info@poly-pack.de to obtain a quotation. You can also use our standardised schedulea>.

Use our handy online tool to quickly calculate which shrink hood size you need for your pallet so you can make an enquiry directly.

Shrink hood calculator

Can we help you?

You can reach us on weekdays
between 07:30 and 17:00.

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Manufacturer of plastic packaging

Poly-Pack als klimaneutrales Unternehmen

We are a specialist in environmentally friendly packaging and can support you as a climate-neutral company by offering CO2-neutral versions of all our products for relatively little additional cost.

If packaging do not need to be food-safe and has a film thickness of > 50 µ, it can be created using films made from high-quality recycled materials. These films differ greatly from lower quality regenerates.

Packaging Systems Supplier

Spotlight on for Poly-Pack

We have the most extensive standard range of polyethylene (PE) goods in North Rhine Westphalia. We have many sizes in stock, so we can often deliver much faster than others. With our flexible machinery we can produce film packaging from narrow bags to 4 m wide hoods and sacks in the sizes and film thicknesses you require.

Energy groups, leading packaging distributors as well as authorities, city governments, hospitals and various faculties in universities and technical colleges also regularly buy our products. All customers are served by their dedicated sales contact.

We focus on the people. We are a training company, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and adhere to the ethical standards of DIN ISO 26000.